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The Dilemma of Muscle Tension and Stress

If your muscles and joints do not give you any trouble on or off the mat, if the level of straining you experience on the mat suits you, this education may not be of interest to you at the moment. However, if you want total freedom from straining without letting go of the challenge of yoga and the benefits associated with it, or when exercising or practicing yoga is not enough to keep excess muscular tension away from the mat, between classes or to manage daily stress - yet you would not dream of stopping your practice - then know that there is HOPE and a SOLUTION to this dilemma!

As a Yoga Student, Trainee, or Teacher ...

* Do you experience straining you no longer want on or off the mat?
* Do you want to clear or prevent strain or pain that is lingering despite doing yoga?
* Do you want freedom to move with more ease in daily life as well?
* Do you want to strengthen so you can enjoy cat-like flexible strength?
* Do you want to enjoy sustainable good posture that you do not need to hold muscularly?
* Do you want to enjoy optimal safety & efficiency of movement on and off the mat?

If so, be part of this  90 Day Interactive Program!
And as a result, you can:

1) CLEAR 5 common yet unconscious habits promoting strained muscles and joints.

2) LEARN this 3-step sequence to manage and overcome these habits.

3) EXPERIENCE how to activate your sweet balance spot on demand in any pose.

4) ACQUIRE this simple yet highly efficient procedure to organically improve your posture.

5) REFRAME your cueing language to get sustainable results.

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Don’t Take My Word For It, Just Read On!

 Cecile is the real deal. Working with her has transformed my Yoga Practice, a practice I can honestly say feels empowering, grounding and tension-free. It is positively impacting my posture and movement in my daily life too. Introducing me to her foundational skill, Cécile taught me that “no pain no gain” is really a myth and that the more I trust my body to activate the right muscles at the right time, the more powerful my practice gets.” 

Mona Kelly

Advanced Yoga Practitioner & Pilates Instructor

Cecile is very skilled in what she does & an amazing teacher. I have had so many insights due to her three-month program. Great for yogis, dancers and anyone who wants to feel better in their skin. This is sooo needed in the yoga world! Thanks Cecile for your beautiful work!" 

Relinde Moors

 Yoga Instructor, Dancer and Choregrapher

“The enormous impact that Cecile makes in a few hours at the start of each 6 month yoga teacher training program I run has never ceased to amaze me.  I’ve witnessed students completely transform through the insights gained from her work.  Teacher trainees approach all subsequent material through a lens that encompasses and continues to revisit Cecile’s way of applying the Alexander Technique to yoga practice and teaching. 

 The profundity of this phenomenon is nothing short of remarkable!  Any yoga teacher trainee who gets to experience her hands-on attention, the breadth of her insight, wisdom and postural understanding will be well-served in their career as a successful, evolving, present and sensitive yoga teacher and human being.”

Anthe Kelley

Founder and Owner of AKASHA YOGA STUDIO & Teacher Training Director

Here's Exactly What You'll Get with
The B.I.A. Process
90 Day Interactive E-Course

      This is a 10-week program teaching you how to discover and unlearn the habits that are creating unnecessary stiffness, strain or pain on and off the mat thanks to the B.I.A. Process. It includes the following:
  • Ten (10) 60-minute teleclasses - two classes per module, including presentation with demo and Q&A.
  • Private Facebook group for ongoing support from classmates, posting questions you would like to see answered during the teleclasses and receiving resources!
  • Recordings and Written Content of the teleclasses, plus the following:
  • BONUS #1: Constructive Rest MP3 Recording This 20-minute guided practice with acoustic guitar music is a GREAT support for regaining your best posture!
  • BONUS #2: Guided Sitting Meditation MP3 Recording This 5-minute guided practice is ideal as a break from computer work to reboot your posture, undo your muscle tension, and sooth your nervous system. It can also serve as the foundational instructions for a longer seated meditation!
  • BONUS #3: "The Art of Reclaiming Organic Good Posture" E-Book which includes the "5 Top Myths about Good Posture - Debunked" and a section on " Posture tips for meditators"!
  • DON'T FORGET! The cost of this course is TAX DEDUCTIBLE for instructors as a professional expense and this course counts for your CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS (CEC) with the Yoga Alliance.
  • TODAY'S REGISTRATION till Midnight . When you register on the day of the webinar, you receive a 25% Off as a BONUS to reward you for stepping forward in committing to yourself!

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